Glass Gallery 
​Stained Glass Artist
​Michael Huffman
  1. Surfer Riding The Wave
    Surfer Riding The Wave
    Stained Glass Surfer Price: SOLD
  2. Mermaid With Nautilus Shell
    Mermaid With Nautilus Shell
    Stained Glass Mermaid Price: Sold
  3. Bird Party
    Bird Party
    Stained Glass Birds : Sold
  4. Wine Country
    Wine Country
    Stained Glass Wine Country
The Glass Gallery is a custom stained glass design company established in 1990 in York County, Virginia. After 22 years creating custom art glass for residential and commercial clients throughout the Hampton Roads, VA region and state of Virginia with a wide range of stained glass formats and project sizes. The Glass Gallery has moved to the Elizabeth City area of North Carolina. ​​